Food off the Phone #2

Potato & Thyme Bread



If anything this turned out too potato-y and not nearly thymey enough. But still pleased as I have never really been able to make bread before now. You could build a decent country cottage with the brick-like loaves of bread I made in the past.

More tomato sauce

IMG_0412Same sauce as before, but with added lentil-paprika balls. Oh and I’ve stopped pretending nutritional yeast can substitute parmesan. It can’t and it ruins my nice sauce.

More pancakes

IMG_0416 1I made fluffy American pancakes with one mega-french ingredient; purred vanilla candied chestnuts. It was was quite random,  I had half a jar of it left after christmas and it had started to go off, so I just spooned off the mouldy bits and stuck the rest in some vegan pancake batter. It was insanely tasty.


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